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For this pic, I wanted to try to get a shot in the style of my friend, Scylla Rhiadra. I asked her for one of her favorite landmarks, and she sent me to Basilique. From there, I was able to choose the outfit that best fits with what I had in mind. While it didn’t quite hit the mark, I still think it’s a good attempt. My Daily Items Hair: ICONIC:Nikihymen (w/ hat) Outfit: ISON – turtleneck trench dress – black Heels: N-Core – Erica Lipstick: VELOUR: Jonna Lipstick Taken at: Basilique

Autumn in the South

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One minute you’re in shorts, enjoying the sun, the next minute you have to throw on a jacket. Just wait and the weather will change in 5 minutes. lol Sponsored Items Jacket: Paper.Sparrow Blush Winter Coat for 25L Tuesday Other Items My Daily Items Hair: Mithral * Sesame Shorts: ISON – solange ripped shorts – (stone wash) Heels: REIGN.- ALICE HEELS (with Lipstick: VELOUR: Jonna Lipstick

Without You

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You said that we would always beWithout you, I feel lost at sea – Without You by Avicii ft Sandro Cavazza This song is me, right now. Its upbeat tempo is sort of the face I’m showing everyone. Fake it until you make it, right? I feel like that’s really what this song is saying. At least, that’s what I’m taking from it today. My Daily Items Hair: Mithral * Basil Outfit: Dulcineia Corset Pink Lipstick: VELOUR: Jonna Lipstick Taken at: BackDrop City


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We all have a choiceto live a lieor be ourselvesto laugh and cryor to follow someone elseto look up and smileor bow down and frownto walk the whole mileor take off our crownWe have a choiceto shout out loudor chant a whisperto fly through the cloudsor to be blown like paperto conquer our fearor hide in the shadowto the wise words hearor be thrown out the windowWe all have a choiceto climb our highest mountainor fall into our deepest holeto drink from life’s fountainor live life like a troubled soul ~ Allen Steble My Daily Items Hair: Stealthic – Mirage Outfit: Dark Love – Orbita Pose: [Furlgrimr] Pinup Poses Taken at: BackDrop City

LOTD 175

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My Daily Items Hair: Mithral * Palmarosa Outfit: LAZYBONES – Caged Bodysuit + Sheer Bodycon Dress – Nude Taken at: BackDrop City