About Me

From the time I played my first MMO to now, all of my friends knew where to find me…at the nearest tailor’s. It started in World of Warcraft where I would spend time between raids trying on all the clothes currently up in the Auction House.

From there, WoW guildmates took me into the world of City of Heroes, showed me where the tailor shops were, gave me a bunch of in-game currency, and told me to have fun. They knew exactly where I would be when they needed me for missions. Just check the closest tailor shop.

I moved to Star Trek Online and the clothing options there. I would try to collect every available clothing option from all the quests, special missions, and seasonal events. Finally, a friend told me about Second Life. “If you like playing dress-up, you’ll love Second Life.”

I came into Second Life in 2014 with a group of friends. Soon after, all my friends stopped playing. As I didn’t know much else about Second Life, I left and went back to STO soon after. However, in 2017, I came back to Second Life on my own.

Once back, I became semi-active on the forums, learned more about the fashion and blogging side of Second Life. I started learning how to take quality pictures in Second Life and created a Flickr soon after. In September of 2018, I started my blog. I continue to enjoy shopping and finding new ways to take pictures and generally just playing dress-up.

“What’s my style is not your style, and I don’t see how you can define it. It’s something that expresses who you are in your own way.”Iris Apfel