Day 21: Haunted Mansion

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“It’ll be FUUUN!!” he said.”Trust me. I’ll stay right by you,” he said. The first sight of the ghost and he was out of there so freaking fast. Guess that’s the last time he takes a date to a haunted house. lol Sponsored Items Outfit: Luxury Fashion – Kinnh Set @ HASHTAG Event Other Items My Daily Items Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Gigi – Light blondes Taken at: Arranmore

Day 20: Ghost in the Wind

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This theme was so extremely frustrating for me, but it was all my fault. I knew the look I wanted, I knew what I wanted the set to look like and I thought, incorrectly it turned out, that such a place already existed in SL. I was so very, very wrong. If it does exist, I was unable to find it doing an in-game Search for it. After going to multiple graveyards, cemeteries, and even having Pyara put down one of her sets, I still wasn’t satisfied. I had to walk away for the day. I came back, after a long night’s rest, and reviewed my pics again. I’m still frustrated that I wasn’t able to take the shot I wanted, but I did have some pretty decent shots. I went through and chose one of them that I felt closest went with what I was trying to go for. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and make sure you check out Pyara’s Flickr for her rendition of the theme...

LOTD 158

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Sponsored Items Outfit: V-Twins – Intruder Biker Earrings: La Bella Boutique – MOONLIGHT EARRINGS @ Spotlight Event Decor: Junk Food – Caramel Apple Pan @ Equal 10 Other Items My Daily Items Hair: Doe: Clara (Two-Tone) – Candy RARE (gacha)

Day 19: Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Today’s theme was ” Favorite Horror Movie Character”. The problem is that I don’t watch horror movies. I’ve never seen Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. So, I’m not exactly sure this counts as a “horror” movie or if this is even considered a character, but here’s my take on the theme. As always, check out Pyara’s Flickr for a much better version of today’s theme. lol

Day 18: I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

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Don’t you think I’m pretty? Sponsored Items Outfit: Paper.Sparrow Rose Dress – Bloody for Halloween 2019 Shop Hunt Other Items My Daily Items Hair: Astrology: Jillian Hair Face paint: …:::Savage:::… Clown 01 Body Tattoo: Izzie’s – Blood and Wounds