Light Among the Dark

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Sometimes, all you need is a light shining in amongst the dark. Taken at Clifton Forge

Main Street

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I decided to try taking more landscapes. As I was sitting in my apartment, at Clifton Forge at the time, I decided to be lazy and cammed from there. lol

Autumn Sky

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I’ve been decorating my apartment, at Clifton Forge, and haven’t found any artwork that I really just HAD to HAVE, for my living space. So, I cammed around the sim and took this pic, with the careful use of windlights. lol Taken at: Clifton Forge

What’s out there?

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I am a complete newb when it comes to RP (roleplay). The only thing I’ve ever roleplayed was when I, as a Game Master, was talking to an Orc about why his shoulders were smaller, due to a bug in WoW. I completely blamed the Blood Elves (sorry guys. lol) by saying they tried to do a spell to get more muscular, instead, it backfired and made the Orc shoulders smaller. 😝 What does that have to do with today’s pic? Well, I recently discovered a new modern supernatural sim called Clifton Forge. They opened on August 9, 2019, and already had to move to a bigger area. I spoke with one of the admins and she assured me that being a complete and utter newb was okay and welcome. I admit that I haven’t tried roleplaying in Second Life due to many sims or groups being a bit intimidating to those of us that have never tried it but want to. They seem really inclusive, rather...


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My Daily Items Hair: RunAway – Jas Outfit: Arwen’s Creations – Night’s Queen (Outfit consists of dress, sleeve, gloves, horns, circlet,necklace) Eyeshadow: AlaskaMetro – “Astral” eyeshadow palette Lipstick: AlaskaMetro – “Black Magic” makeup palette Taken at: Mytical Fae Forest