Authors Point

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Authors Point is a sim full of hidden gems. It is aptly named. I feel like I could sit there and just write. Not sure about what, but maybe that’s the point. I spent quite a bit of time there and didn’t see even half of it. Which means I’ll probably be back to take even more pictures. For now, I hope you enjoy those that I did.

Clifton Forge

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Clifton Forge is a para urban supernatural role play region nestled in the Shenandoah Valley. It’s a lovely place to just roam around and take pictures, as you never know what or who you will see while there. I became a member of the community, shortly after it was started. The people are lovely and nice. The storylines are bizarre, funny and interesting and the scenery is beautifully done. I decided to go around and take a few pictures. I know I’ve posted some previously, but really just wanted to share more. This is an adult-only sim, and you have to be in the group in order to rez anything if you want to take pictures. However, I still feel like exploring it and seeing all the amazing work done to this place, is definitely worth the time and effort. If you are interested in learning more, please visit their website or visiting them in-game.

Light Among the Dark

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Sometimes, all you need is a light shining in amongst the dark. Taken at Clifton Forge

Main Street

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I decided to try taking more landscapes. As I was sitting in my apartment, at Clifton Forge at the time, I decided to be lazy and cammed from there. lol

Autumn Sky

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I’ve been decorating my apartment, at Clifton Forge, and haven’t found any artwork that I really just HAD to HAVE, for my living space. So, I cammed around the sim and took this pic, with the careful use of windlights. lol Taken at: Clifton Forge

What’s out there?

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I am a complete newb when it comes to RP (roleplay). The only thing I’ve ever roleplayed was when I, as a Game Master, was talking to an Orc about why his shoulders were smaller, due to a bug in WoW. I completely blamed the Blood Elves (sorry guys. lol) by saying they tried to do a spell to get more muscular, instead, it backfired and made the Orc shoulders smaller. 😝 What does that have to do with today’s pic? Well, I recently discovered a new modern supernatural sim called Clifton Forge. They opened on August 9, 2019, and already had to move to a bigger area. I spoke with one of the admins and she assured me that being a complete and utter newb was okay and welcome. I admit that I haven’t tried roleplaying in Second Life due to many sims or groups being a bit intimidating to those of us that have never tried it but want to. They seem really inclusive, rather...