Some pictures make themselves. One thing triggers another until the shot comes together on its own.   I am a girl who loves a good pair of antlers or horns in SL.  I saw this headdress by Zibska and had to do a pic with it. I paried it with the accompanying eyeshadow and lipstick to complete the look.   But what to wear with it.  Then, I remembered Gulabi just came out with a new dress.  Perfect!!  I head over and buy one and then head to Stun to get a pose, as I had seen one that I thought would be perfect. 

I am one of those people that like using their AO and facial animations to get the perfect shot.  I will let them cycle through endlessly until I get just the right pic.  Since I decided to use a pose, it was up to the facial animations to bring this to life.  Catwa did not fail me with the animations for the Majer head.  I had so many great pics, because of them that it was hard to choose one picture.  The animations move so smoothly, they seem almost natural.    

Can I take a minute to gush about this dress?  It’s sooo freaking sparkly and sexy.  I REALLY wanted the fatpack, but was about short a bit, so I’ll have to come back for that.  It was extremely hard to choose the one dress to pic, because they’re all beautifully made and I must have them all! lol, Gulabi always put out amazing outfits, the more sparkle the better.  

The headdress and makeup are available at a new shopping event called the 110L event, where everything is priced at 110 Linden.  I always like seeing new shopping events, as you never know what you’re going to get next.  I know I’ll be checking it out again.  


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For 101L Event:
Headdress: Zibska Algar Deux
Eyeshadow: Zibska Algar Eyemakeup 09
Lipstick: Zibska Blacktop Deux Lips 12


Other Items
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Eliza – Naturals
Dress: Gulabi Apsara


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Dress: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Solana -Dress-


Other Items
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Eliza – Naturals
Taken at: Majilis al Jinn, Sands of Time

Day 208: This is Majer!!!

Skin: [the Skinnery] MajerSoft Skin (HDPROCatwa) peach NB (included with head)
Eyeshadows: alaskametro<3 “Black Magic” makeup, alaskametro<3 “Babygoth” makeup
Lipstick: alaskametro<3 “Rebel” makeup
Brows: WarPaint* Keira brows [naturals] – honey (BOM)
Blush: [MJN] Luminizer Blush {CAT-4} (BOM)
Hair: DOUX – Alaska Hairstyle
Nails: Ascendant – Crown Jewels 10
Rings: KUNGLERS Rowen rings
Necklace: BUENO-Royal Choker-L-Freya-Rose Gold

You know that moment when you take the picture and just know it’s the one.  That was this pic.  It encapsulates everything I’m feeling for the new Catwa HD Pro head, Majer.  

I am in LOVE with this head.  The animations feel natural, the customization is simply amazing, and did I mention elf ears!?!?   You can’t see them due to the hair, but I have them. trust and believe! 

Majer was released yesterday.  I grabbed both demos, as there is the Soft version and the Edged version.  The Edged version has stronger cheekbones, which I usually like, but this time I was leaning more towards the Soft version.   So, that’s what I bought.  As it is so new, skins haven’t really been created for it yet.  However, The Skinnery was able to include some skins for it in the Soft version, and DeeTalez included them for the Edged version.  I expect many new skins to come out for this head in the next few days.  I can’t wait.

 I’m currently wearing one that came with the head, by The Skinnery.  They were a brand I was already wearing, so that was a plus.  lol  However, I am open to trying new skin brands so I will definitely be buying at least one new skin or more. who knows?

It is BOM compatible.  Which is great, because Lord knows I have a ton of BOM makeup now.  However, the coolest feature that you probably aren’t realizing you’re seeing is that I’m wearing eyeshadow from 2 different palettes.  Holy Shitballs, people!!  This is a game-changer for bloggers.  That I can mix and match to my heart content is truly amazing.  Though, I need about 100 more save slots to be perfectly content (maybe more. not sure yet).   

While I could spend all day talking about how much I love this head, how the HUD is so much easier, I can make the HUD pink (don’t judge me!), how the split tongue option and the two types of vampire’s teeth are awesome, I won’t.  I will say that this head was worth every penny of the L$5900 I spent on it.  I am so ecstatic about this head. Give me a little time and I’m sure the shape will change a million and one times as I play with the sliders.  

Final verdict: I cannot recommend this head enough.  Catwa has outdone herself this time and I hope she is able to enjoy the fruits of her year-long labor.  I know I am.  


Ishtar – goddess of Fertility, Love, Storms, and War, and is arguably the most important mother goddess of Mesopotamia. She bears the title of “Queen of Heaven.” 


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Tattoo: LILITHIUM – Ishtar Tattoo & Scar

Other Items
Hair: Stealthic – Vigil
Outfit: V/. VoluptasVirtualis – [Charline] – {Black}