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Raindale – Applemore gacha @Arcade Sept
Items used:
Raindale – Applemore heart (red) CM LI:3
Raindale – Applemore heart (yellow) CM LI:3
Raindale – Applemore lantern (black) CM LI:1
Raindale – Applemore lantern (gold) CM LI:1
Raindale – Applemore pouf 1 (red) CM LI:2
Raindale – Applemore pouf 1 (yellow) CM LI:2
Raindale – Applemore pouf 2 (red) CM LI:2
Raindale – Applemore pouf 2 (yellow) CM LI:2
Raindale – Applemore sign CM LI:2
Rare – Raindale – Applemore Hot Tub (adult) CM LI:7
Rare – Raindale – Applemore tree house CM LI:55
Raindale – Applemore banners CM LI:1


It’s that time of year again, folks!  The Spoonful of Sugar event, supporting Doctors Without Borders, is once again here.  Hop on your magic carpet and head on over to show support for this amazing charity. I will be listing everything I used, from the event, at the end of this post so if there’s an item that catches your interest, please read on. 


First of all, I want to talk about the pictured home. I don’t have a lot of experience with the Spargle & Shine brand and didn’t really know what to expect going in. I was pleasantly surprised. For those of my friends who have ever been either with me or just online when I go SL house shopping, they know I get rather annoyed when the interiors don’t make sense. Like weird room configurations, 5 bedrooms and 1 bath on the opposite side and down a flight of stairs from said bedrooms. However, that is not the case with this house.  


Spargle & Shine did a really good job with this house. This house has all the feel of a house situated on the beach off the Mediterranean Ocean.  I give them props for putting the cracks in the wall textures to show age, rather than a bright white new looking building. It gives it a bit of age and character. 


This is a 3 story house with 3 rooms, a spacious lower terrace area,  a large pool area with a pool that goes from shallow to very deep, and another deck on the top story. At only 152 Land Impact, it’s a really well-done house and if you’re wanting to get that Mediterranean vibe, this is one house you’d want to check out.   

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the plants, though.  I love me a good potted plant.  When you decorate a home, you always need at least one plant.  Tm:. Creation did it again with these plants.  The attention to detail is all there.  If you look closely, you could probably see the pollen in the flowers.  The terra cotta pots have the groove lines you’d expect to see from a rustic handmade pot.  They did a really great job with these plants and at only 3 Land Impact for each one, it’s not a source hog like some very detailed plants could be.  


Finally, I’d like to talk about the tray of vintage jars by Evolving Images.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  The tray is one of those old rustic possibly clay trays that looks like it was formed by hand, as the rim isn’t perfectly smooth, but has that uneven handmade look.  The jars themselves are clay jars that have clearly been mottled by age.  There is one that has what I believe is a wooden handle. While this tray does fit the bill if you’re looking for a tray of rustic old jars, the textures could be just a tad sharper.  The wood handle should show at least some grain pattern.  The mottled aging effect could have been a bit cleaner.  With that being said, it’s only 1 Land Impact and is rather well done.  Sure it could be a touch better, but I like the curves of the bottles themselves,  the incorporated shadows and just overall do like them.  Will I be using these to decorate with again?  Yeah, I could see myself using them any time I wanted to do a Moroccan themed room.  They do add a nice finishing touch.  


Items available at Spoonful of Sugar: 

House:  Ibiza House Mirage – Spargel & Shine Homes

Plants:  :Tm:.Creation –  [v2 Ficus benjamina] Terracotta Pot Plant GP35.t, :Tm:.Creation – [v1 Ficus benjamina] Pot Plant Shabby Pot Plant GP35.s

Tray: Evolving Images : Tray of vintage jars