Clifton Forge: Paislee’s Birthday Party

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A surprise birthday party was thrown for Paislee today. Held at a haunted mansion, It was a great end to the Halloween season and an overall terrific party. Drinks flowed freely, food was plentiful and delicious and a good time was had by all attendees. Happy Birthday, Paislee. Birthday Party setup Haunted Mansion Paislee and Max Ro

Autumn Sky

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I’ve been decorating my apartment, at Clifton Forge, and haven’t found any artwork that I really just HAD to HAVE, for my living space. So, I cammed around the sim and took this pic, with the careful use of windlights. lol Taken at: Clifton Forge

DnD Ranger Leathers

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I was looking for a set of leather s for my DND Ranger. As she’s half Elven, I wanted to see what I could find in Elven Ranger outfits, in Second Life. Most of them were great except for one thing… they forgot the pants. Apparently, female elf rangers only wear thongs with the rest of their armor. lol, I ended up in building my own set, with the help of my dear Pyara (who is also my DM for the game. lol). I may tweak it later, but for now, I’m actually pretty happy with it. My Daily Items Hair: Stealthic – Porcelain Belt: [The Forge] Arwen’s Belt, (Brown) Chest Armor: Moon Elixir – Astrid – Chest Armor – Snow Pieces used from The Forge – Rogue gacha Top: [The Forge] Rogue Frill Top, Navy Corset: [The Forge] Rogue Corset, White Pants: [The Forge] Rogue Pants, Brown Boots: [The Forge] Rogue Boots, Brown Pieces from Moon Elixir –...

What’s out there?

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I am a complete newb when it comes to RP (roleplay). The only thing I’ve ever roleplayed was when I, as a Game Master, was talking to an Orc about why his shoulders were smaller, due to a bug in WoW. I completely blamed the Blood Elves (sorry guys. lol) by saying they tried to do a spell to get more muscular, instead, it backfired and made the Orc shoulders smaller. 😝 What does that have to do with today’s pic? Well, I recently discovered a new modern supernatural sim called Clifton Forge. They opened on August 9, 2019, and already had to move to a bigger area. I spoke with one of the admins and she assured me that being a complete and utter newb was okay and welcome. I admit that I haven’t tried roleplaying in Second Life due to many sims or groups being a bit intimidating to those of us that have never tried it but want to. They seem really inclusive, rather...