It is October, once again, which means I will be doing a different theme each day leading up to Halloween.  I hope you guys will follow me and enjoy what I come up with.  

She was taken in the night by robed figures and thrown in a cell. She yelled and cried to no avail and no response. Spent, she falls into a fitful slumber, with no clue on how she got there or why they took her. Is she the Saint? The innocent one who was taken as a plaything for a nefarious god? Is she the Sinner who now must face the consequences of her actions? That is for you to decide.



Hair: DOUX – Olga Hairstyle
Outfit: [Glitzz] Savage
Skybox: VARONIS – DuskHall Cells
Figures: Stockholm&Lima:Sinister Six Crew Statues