LOTD 64 – New Look

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I finally caved. I’ve been wearing a Lelutka head for a little over a year now, and love it. The HUD is extremely user friendly, everything is in one place, and there were a lot of makeup options for it. However, that appears to have changed recently. I recently went to make-up only event and the majority of the stuff was for Catwa and Genus only. A few things had an Omega applier, as well, and a rare one would have a Lelutka applier. For the last month, I’ve been saving (somewhat unsuccessfully) for a new Catwa head. I could have had it sooner, but… too many shopping events, too little time and money. lol I finally saved enough, last night, and promptly headed over to purchase my new head. Now, I have been demoing just about every Catwa head I could find, and repeatedly asking my friends ” Do you like this one? or this one? ooh.. what about this one?”...


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Do these pants make my butt look big? They do?!? Great!! My Daily Items Hair: pr!tty – purr ( with headband) Top: Gulabi – Zephyr – Black Pants: Gulabi – Toxica – Blood Red Taken at: BackDrop City


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Not long after I started playing again last year, I was perusing the MP and came across this Sitara top and skirt. However, they only had it in fatpacks and I didn’t have the money at the time. I put it in my favorites and pretty much forgot about it. Fast forward to now, and Orwar tells me they have an ingame store. We check it out and group members get half off, as a grand opening thing. I didn’t have any money at the time, so I came back this weekend and picked up a few things. You’ll be seeing more of what I purchased later, I’m sure. lol My Daily Items Hair: Mithral – Silver Outfit: Gulabi – Sitara – Space Bindi: Elemental – Lunar Goddess Head Jewel (group gift) Taken at: Magic – n – Mischief